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The secret of Astronaut Underpants

Have you ever wondered how astronauts live in space? When we go back to the Moon and on to Mars, we’ll need to know more about the human body’s reaction to long periods of weightlessness.

The International Space Station is a laboratory where the astronauts conduct experiments.

In space there is no gravity. So what happens when there is no gravity? You float… Actually, everything floats. Doesn’t that sound fun? You would never have to pick up your toys because they would never hit the floor!

The first thing that happens when you get into space is that all the fluids in your body move up from your legs. Your face gets all puffy; even your nose gets stuffed up.  Your blood starts moving differently, too.  Even your spine expands. After some time in space, astronauts return taller than when they left!

But don’t worry. Things get back to normal when you get back to Earth.

In this short episode I check out where the astronauts keep their clothes. On top of the clothes is a net.  If you were to open this drawer in zero gravity without this net to hold your clothes down, your underwear might go floating down the module and you’d have to go float after it.