Are you a Teacher?

Enzoology Exploration Nation™:


Unique Classroom Multimedia for grades 3-5

DVD CoverEnzoology provides busy teachers with a simple, effective and fun program with a positive, empowering message. Aligned to national and state testing standards, Enzoology brings very high levels of engagement.

As the move to incorporate multimedia (video, interactive, print, experiential) teaching tools continues to exponentially accelerate in the educational market, Enzoology’s peer to peer model makes it unique and

desirable in the classroom.

Why it Works
By speaking to kids in their own language, Exploration Nation activates and nurture their innate fascination with science and wildlife to sustain a lifelong love of learning, passion for the earth and interest in science as a career path. By leveraging video, the program creates an active learning state and is designed to enhance testing scores.

Available Now: Life Sciences Volume 1
Lesson One: Diversity
Enzo gives a fun overview of some of his favorite animals, and what makes them unique.

Lesson Two: Habitats
Enzo tracks the endangered Giant Garter Snake and shows how large scale, man made habitats are built.

Lesson Three: Adaptation
Featuring exotic wildlife, this lesson highlights how a variety of creatures have developed specific adaptations that help them survive in their environments.

Lesson Four: Defense Mechanisms
This exciting lesson features unique adaptations that animals use to defend themselves from predators.

Here’s what you get:

  • Four complete, 50 minute lesson plans
  • Four exciting video segments on DVD
  • Fun activity guide for students
  • Comprehensive teacher’s guide

The program is specially designed for elementary students in 3-5th grades. Students watch a short video segment, then complete exercises and lessons suggested by the study guide. Special emphasis is put on promoting outdoor, experiential activities that include parents outside the classroom setting.

Click Here for Standards Correlation for Life Sciences Vol. One

For Pricing and Ordering Information:

Email: info (at) Enzoology (dot) com or call: 512-663-7393


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