The Chilean Rose Haired Tarantula

I just got back from the University of Texas Brackenridge Field Lab. We shot the next episode of Enzoology – “The Chilean Rose Haired Tarantula”. My dad actually let it crawl on his hand! (He hates spiders LOL). Even my mom held it and petted it. It was awesome. Her name was Rose and she was HUGE! She tried to crawl right up my face. You should see her fangs – red and giant. I met a bunch of scientists too. Man, that was fun. Here’s some stuff about the tarantula.

The Tarantula is one of the largest arachnids.

Tarantulas are carnivores – they eat insects. Some get so big they even eat frogs, mice and birds!

They can be found in most of the worlds tropical, subtropical and arid regions and live in the ground. In America they live in the Southwest.

Tarantulas don’t spin webs – instead they grab their prey and inject venom that paralyzes the prey so they can suck their guts out.

They have an interesting defense mechanism – they can throw hairs from their body – when these hairs get in a predators skin, it’s really irritating.

Tarantulas lay eggs and a single nest can contain up to 1000 babies!

There are 800 species of Tarantulas

They are harmless to humans. They can bite but they usually don’t unless you really bug them!


2 responses to “The Chilean Rose Haired Tarantula

  1. hello my name is liam I like to watch your videos and I like sience alot to and when I grow up i want to be a sientist who studies reptiles and amphibians

  2. Cool blog!! Check mine out, its about tarantulas also!

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